Day 1

Welcome to Egypt! We’ll fly into Cairo where we’ll be taken through immigration and customs and escorted to the amazing Mena House Hotel, 45 minutes from Cairo. Located in the shadow of the great Pyramids and surrounded by 40 acres of verdant green gardens, this palatial hotel has a royal history. Exquisite antiques, handcrafted furniture, and original works of art make this one of the leading hotels of the world. Mena House has hosted Kings and Emperors — and now, you!

(Overnight at Mena House)

Day 2

We begin our tour with a private visit to the Sphinx. Known as the guardian of knowledge, the Sphinx sits on top of the Hall of Records. He knows the journey of your Soul on earth, he knows all your human lives — and he holds the copy of the Soul Contract for your current incarnation.The Sphinx is an access point to the ‘entire plan’ of everything! While on the Giza Plateau, we will have an opportunity to align ourselves with The Halls of Amenti (an underground Temple) and with the sacred geometry of the plateau. There are energy shafts underneath the Pyramids that link Egypt to the Sirian Star System. Our journey begins!

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight at Mena House)

Day 3

After breakfast we’ll take a short flight to Luxor where we’ll board our beautiful dahabeya, an Egyptian style yacht that has been reserved just for us. Think of it as our own private floating temple! In the afternoon we’ll visit the magnificent Karnak Temple. Karnak is the largest temple complex in Egypt. We’ll walk on the avenue of the Ram-Headed Sphinxes that previously stretched for two miles connecting the Karnak and Luxor Temples. Outside the main hall is a chapel dedicated to Sekhmet. Sekhmet represents the destructive energy that helps us break old patterns to make way for wisdom and healing. Sekhmet is the Goddess of Wise Power, without apology. Stand before her and see if you can feel her power igniting your own! In the evening under the stars we will visit the Temple of Luxor. This ancient Egyptian temple is built like a human body. This is a wonderful place to focus on physical healing.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight on dahabeya)

Day 4

Today we travel though the beautiful countryside en route to Dendarah to visit the Hathor Temple. Hathors are multi-dimensional beings that relate to the planet Venus and have sound-power.The Dendera temple is actually an energy template of Inspiration and Joy. There is potential here for erasing anxiety and fear from our energy fields. An underground crypt beneath the Holy-of-Holies was the site of the ancient temple. This crypt connects us to the golden light of Bliss inside ourselves. Abydos is a mystical place where Isis found the head of her husband, Osiris. She built a temple here in his honor. Many pharaohs have since been buried here. In this temple we can activate our own ability ‘to remember.’

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight on dahabeya)

Day 5

This morning we make a sunrise pilgrimage to the Funerary Temple of Hatshepsut, the female pharaoh. Hatshepsut ruled Egypt for more than twenty years, relying on her own inner wisdom to guide her. Hers was one of the most successful, balanced and peaceful periods in Egyptian history. Hatshepsut’s temple was the first large temple on the West Bank of the Nile. Subsequent pharaohs tried to copy her temple and thus, this area became known as the Valley of the Kings. We will also see the tombs of Tut-Ankh-Amun, and many other sites, including the Colossi of Memmon.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight on dahabeya)

Day 6

This morning we have breakfast as we sail to Esna. This is an opportunity to experience the beauty and the tranquility of Nile as we sail. There is time to journal and meditate or to just enjoy watching the countryside of Egypt as we traverse the Esna Lock.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight on dahabeya)

Day 7

Today we sail to Edfu to visit the Temple of Horus. This temple is a great imprint for True Power and was an anchor point for the Mystery Schools of Egypt. Left eye of Horus represents feminine, intuition; right eye of Horus represents the masculine, energy teaching. Inside the Holy-of-Holies rests the solar boat, a wooden representation of the boat on which Horus traveled through the sky to meet his father Osiris. This is the place to balance the energies inside of us and experience a higher perspective on our current lives.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight ondahabeya)

Day 8

Today we sail to Gebel El Silsila where the stones for the temples of Egypt were quarried. Almost all of Ancient Egypt’s great temples derived their sandstone from here.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight on dahabeya)

Day 9

After breakfast we sail to Kom Ombo, the only dual temple in Egypt. Dedicated to Sobek and Horus, it represents neutrality. Sobek (the crocodile) is the ‘survival power’ archetype. He represents darkness and holds the wisdom to help us defeat our limiting fears. Horus (the falcon) represents Light and the higher perspective. The Southern side of this temple is dedicated to Sobek (Dark) and the Northern side is dedicated to Horus (Light). On the centerline is the Seat of Neutrality. This is your opportunity to weave your way between the two aspects of yourself and arrive at inner peace.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight on dahabeya)

Day 10

We’ll begin our day with a sunrise meditation at the Isis temple at Philae. Isis is the goddess of Divine Love, healing, magic and forgiveness. She holds the power of divine feminine support and sexual mystery. Philae is an exquisite temple site. Let yourself feel the Unconditional Love that’s present here. It feels as if we’re floating in liquid Love! In the afternoon we’ll transfer to the airport for a short flight back to Cairo. The rest of the day we can rest and relax or there will be an opportunity to visit the famous Egyptian Museum with its collection of relics dating back to 4,000 BC. Pay special attention to the artifacts from Amarna (Akhet-Aten, the Ancient City of Light). We will also see beautiful objects from Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their daughters, plus the golden Tut-Ankh-Amun treasures.

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight at Four Seasons Giza Hotel)

Day 11

Our final day in Egypt begins at sunrise with a private visit to the The Great Pyramid. All of our experiences here in Egypt have been in preparation for this! Inside the Pyramid, we’ll visit The Queens Chamber which is associated with Isis, the ‘cosmic mother’. The Kings Chamber is associated with Osiris and the ancient Pole star of cosmic creation. As we experience the powerful energies here, we know that The Great Pyramid is not a tomb. It is a place of transformation and regeneration and it is unlike any place on earth. In the afternoon, our group will have an opportunity for an exclusive visit inside the New Egyptian Grande Museum which will not be open to the public until 2020. We’ll have an opportunity to see the artifacts being restored. Then, in the evening we’ll share a farewell dinner together to celebrate our Egypt experience!

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner | overnight at Four Seasons Giza Hotel)

Day 12

This morning after breakfast we’ll transfer to the Cairo airport for our flight home. May we return to our lives enriched, renewed and more deeply connected to our own Souls. We leave behind our love and gratitude to the people of Egypt — for their generosity and for welcoming us home!


Ancient Egypt Wisdom Tour includes all accommodations (5 Star Hotels, and private Yacht), 7 night cruise on the Nile River, all land and air travel inside Egypt (private air conditioned van), taxes, site fees, private sunrise visit to the Sphinx, private visit inside The Great Pyramid, and most meals. Airfare to Cairo and tipping is not included. Group size is limited to ensure optimum experience.

Photos by Christopher Benzakein, 2018 Ancient Egypt Wisdom Tour

Portrait of Chérie by Lauralyn Andrews