Moldavite Pendant

Moldavite, one of the most rare and highly prized stones, was forged from the heat of a meteor impact with earth 14.8 million years ago. Since its discovery, mankind has valued it for its powerful connection to the cosmos. This magical translucent forest-green stone can only be found in one place in the world: the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful stones for awakening. Through rebalancing, restructuring, and redistributing energy within your chakras, Moldavite helps bring you into a more balanced and empowered state. Energy-healer Eugenia Oganova beautifully describes Moldavite’s wondrous abilities:

“If worn continuously, your life begins to change: what is hindering your spiritual development begins to magically clear out of your life (possessions, relationships, jobs), while beneficial components begin to come together (fresh beliefs, new relationships, etc.).”

Moldavite calls to spiritual seekers and those longing to deepen their inner journey. If you are ready for your life to change, this stone is for you.

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2016: Year of the Red Fire Monkey


Image credit: Benjuni on Flickr

February 8 marked the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the red fire monkey, and it is going to be a very fast-moving year with lots of intensity. Because last year was a sheep year, we’re needing to switch gears and ramp up for this new energy. The sheep year was slower and more introspective, while this year’s energy is moving fast and in many different directions all at once. This requires us to be centered and grounded in order to make quick decisions and move rapidly. It also requires a strong sense of inner authority to make choices that feel clear and clean. There is a zen proverb that fits this year perfectly: “Let go or be dragged.”

2016 is numerogically a number nine year. Nine is the number of completion. This means that anything left incomplete within your life will be a problem this year. Clearing clutter, cleaning closets, looking at old beliefs, reevaluating relationships, and detoxing on all levels is essential. The questions to ask are: “Is this worthy of me? Do I love it? Does it support me living my best life?” It will be essential to look at everything and everyone with new eyes and to ask the question, “Is this going forward with me into the life I am creating?” This year requires that level of personal truth telling.

Self care is the essential support in navigating 2016 with speed and ease. Ask yourself what you need to do to stay centered and energized. What can you get rid of? What is worth taking with you into this new year? Lighten your load and listen to your own voice telling you what is important and what is worthy of you. This is the year to clear out what does not serve you and to go for your dreams. The fire monkey is the year of personal power. Be daring and use your own inner strength to make a quantum leap in your life.

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