Beauty Secrets: Mindfulness


Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson on Flickr

Your beauty regimen has the power to do more than just improve your skin. It can also replenish your spirit.

Being fully present while washing your face can bring a whole new level of power and renewal to your beauty ritual. Practice keeping your mind free of any thoughts except the pleasure of the product you are working with. Notice the fragrance of the cleanser. Close your eyes and feel the texture of the product against your skin. Imagine your cells being bathed in light. Feel all of your anxiety and stress disappear as you gently and consciously wash your face.

Next, apply a facial masque. Notice how beautiful the color is as it goes onto your skin. Imagine your cells repairing themselves and gaining strength. Feel your energy increase as you work with this product. Add water, and as the water activates the life force in the product, feel your own life force growing stronger. You are renewing yourself.

Being fully present with yourself while holding an attitude of love for your body is a powerful way to reverse the aging process. Love can truly help your body grow younger and your spirit grow stronger.

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Beauty Secrets: Exfoliation

Exfoliation Skin Care ProductOne of the fastest ways to transform tired skin is through exfoliation. I recommend an enzyme masque or specially formulated peptide peel. These products gently remove the top layers of exhausted skin cells to reveal younger, plumper, healthier cells. These natural, non-invasive processes stimulate and firm the deeper layers, leaving your skin looking and feeling fresher, more vibrant, and reinvigorated.

Exfoliation brightens and evens out skin tone while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating collagen, an exfoliating regimen can significantly firm the skin, restore radiance, and refine your skin’s texture.

Exfoliating at least twice a week is optimal. People who wear foundation or makeup on a regular basis can exfoliate more often. For those with extremely sensitive skin, once a week will do.

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Moldavite Pendant

Moldavite, one of the most rare and highly prized stones, was forged from the heat of a meteor impact with earth 14.8 million years ago. Since its discovery, mankind has valued it for its powerful connection to the cosmos. This magical translucent forest-green stone can only be found in one place in the world: the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful stones for awakening. Through rebalancing, restructuring, and redistributing energy within your chakras, Moldavite helps bring you into a more balanced and empowered state. Energy-healer Eugenia Oganova beautifully describes Moldavite’s wondrous abilities:

“If worn continuously, your life begins to change: what is hindering your spiritual development begins to magically clear out of your life (possessions, relationships, jobs), while beneficial components begin to come together (fresh beliefs, new relationships, etc.).”

Moldavite calls to spiritual seekers and those longing to deepen their inner journey. If you are ready for your life to change, this stone is for you.

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