Each Belle Femme beauty treatment is tailored specifically for you and includes the key ingredients
I have found that bring about the most powerful change in my clients.
I have taken great care to ensure that the experience is wonderfully restorative.
By combining pure organic skincare products, micro-current technology, a luxurious environment and energetically enhanced jewelry,
you will leave looking and feeling revitalized.

Reverse Aging Micro-Current Facial

My signature beauty treatment combines organic skincare products and micro-current technology to firm and brighten your skin. Micro-current works by delivering tiny impulses that re-educate the muscles, erasing tension and fatigue. This treatment is extremely relaxing and especially effective for puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Special wands can be used for smoothing the neck and sculpting the jawline. Repeated treatments stimulate collagen production leaving your skin smoother, tighter and glowing.

Luxury European Skin Care Products

My curated collection of luxury European and natural skin care products are especially effective for aging skin. I personally select products that I feel have the most potential to change your skin with repeated use. Firming, lifting, and fading dark spots are the critical factors for repairing mature skin. These products deliver miraculous results.

Stone Energy

Stone energy has a powerful healing effect on the body. I incorporate these beautiful stones into my treatments to promote radiant health and well-being. Available for purchase, these specially created jewelry pieces provide ongoing support for your personal transformation.