Working with thousands of women over my three decades in the beauty industry,
I have found that virtually every person struggles with the same fears and concerns about aging.

As we grow older and see our body beginning to change, looking in the mirror can become confronting.
Dark circles and bags under our eyes, seeing skin that was once firm beginning to sag,
and fine lines and wrinkles, can all leave us looking and feeling old.
Our changing appearance triggers the fear of losing our health and vitality,
of being treated differently and of actually becoming invisible and unnoticed. 

Yet, have you ever seen an older woman who is aging with grace?
She carries herself with confidence. She radiates self-acceptance and self-love.
Her age and life experience actually enhance her beauty because she glows from within.


“That was a nearly miraculous facial. What an incredible experience — for both my soul and my skin cells.
Next time I’m in Seattle, I’m coming to you for some more of that pure magic. Thank you so much.”
Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map

“Chérie’s holistic approach taps into each person’s unique beauty, creating magic and resulting in a spiritual experience that manifests in matter.
She has the ability to mine, extrapolate and call forth inner beauty as she rejuvenates the cells.
If you work with Cherie, you will know what it means to be beautiful inside and out.”
Awilda Verdejo, Voice Maven