It is completely within your power to reverse your aging process.

Working with thousands of women over my three decades in the beauty industry, I have found that virtually every person struggles with the same fears and concerns about aging.

As we grow older and see our body beginning to change, looking in the mirror can become confronting. Dark circles and bags under our eyes, seeing skin that was once firm beginning to sag, and fine lines and wrinkles, can all leave us looking and feeling old. Our changing appearance triggers the fear of losing our health and vitality, of being treated differently and of actually becoming invisible and unnoticed.

Yet, have you ever seen an older woman who is aging with grace? She carries herself with confidence. She radiates self-acceptance and self-love. Her age and life experience actually enhance her beauty because she glows from within.

In my quest to uncover the secret to looking fabulous over time (without resorting to cosmetic surgery or injectables), I have developed a series of highly customized beauty treatments that actually retrain the body to reverse age naturally.

My approach is not meant for the woman who wants a quick fix, does not take time for herself, does not spend money on quality products or self care, or is unwilling to practice any type of beauty regimen. My special beauty treatments are designed for women who are interested in a natural approach to beauty, women who value health and well being and who are willing to invest in themselves.

By combining the highest quality natural products, micro-current technology, energy work and European beauty secrets, my treatments are able to achieve profound and lasting physical change. This holistic approach to beauty and aging goes much deeper than just erasing fatigue and tension from the face. It supports women on their journey toward self-acceptance and self-love.

I hear from my clients every day about the profound and miraculous changes
they are experiencing in their bodies and their lives.

“When I met beauty powerhouse Chérie Clare almost 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to age gracefully and I knew cellular regeneration was possible, but I didn’t exactly know how. Over the years, she has taught me how to take wonderful care of my skin, and I’m often told I look much younger than my age. Chérie has also been an inspiration for embodying luxury in self-care, something close to my own heart. I consider her treatments and the products she carries to be beauty infusions, retuning me to the vibration of true beauty, which is essentially love.” Allison, age 40

“Since starting a regular program of treatments with Cherie, I began to see that I could slow the aging process. This was a revelation, although I had the example of my mother having beautiful skin into her eighties. I was unsure how aging would work for me, especially since I believed I had coped with more stress in my career than she had in hers. When I saw positive results, I committed to Cherie’s treatments and products. One of the best decisions I’ve made.” Carolyn, age 76

“I started to visit Cherie about three years ago, during a stressful time in my life. It was also a time when I felt the full bloom of youth had fully faded. Over the past three years, working with Cherie has become an integral part of my overall mind/body well being. While aging is difficult, caring for my skin on a regular basis has helped me to appreciate the aging process and myself. I can look at my skin, and appreciate the lines of a life well-lived, but with the smoothness and occasional glow of years past. I look forward to every visit—as a time to relax, respect myself and care for myself in a way that has beauty and mental benefits. My time with Cherie is as important as many of the other regular things that I do to stay healthy—like exercise, eating well, yoga, mindfulness—it makes me feel good about myself and the life around me.” Carol, age 57

“For someone who was resigned to her skin’s condition, I am now a changed woman.  Cherie has made (and makes) a huge difference for me — in my attitude, in my life, and in my happier skin tone. Cherie has brought me a long way…in opening me to a more spiritual view of self-caring, in how I think about caring for myself as I age, and in the products I use. Mostly, it is just being in her presence that sparks so much rejuvenation. Cherie’s energies and skills and words are beauty restoratives of themselves. She has shown me results. My skin is visibly and sensuously healthy.” Mari, age 64

I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to show you what is possible for your beauty and your life, through this transformative process.

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