Belle Femme Seattle | Organic Skincare and Innovative Technology
As a woman, I know how important it is to feel beautiful. There’s nothing better than feeling absolutely wonderful and nothing worse than feeling bad about yourself.

My beauty journey began over thirty years ago. After a decade in cosmetic sales, I went to work for a plastic surgeon. My job was to provide pre – and postsurgical skincare support for patients. During my time in the clinic I saw how afraid women were to undergo the procedures. Recovery was long and painful and things didn’t always go as planned. After surgery too many women ended up no longer looking like themselves.

The real conflict came at home. My teenage daughters were both struggling with their own self-image. Hearing my precious girls echoing the same judgments and disgust for their bodies as the women in the clinic broke my heart.

I realized that the industry I had invested so much of my life in was a sham. It sent women chasing youth and perfection at the cost of themselves. Seeing my own beautiful daughters adopting the same negative attitude toward their appearance was a wake-up call.

I left the clinic and turned toward a more holistic approach to beauty and health. I began to study natural healing and energy work. While traveling, I witnessed the remarkable way European women aged with confidence and grace. This was a sharp contrast to my own experience and I knew I wanted to find a way to bring these secrets back home.

I opened my own skincare practice catering to women who wanted to take better care of themselves. Working with clients in this new way, I witnessed their profound transformation. Over time, as they practiced self-love and self-care, the results were undeniable. Not only did their physical appearance change, but the people in their lives began to respond to them differently, and their lives became richer and more fulfilling.

My work is now focused on empowering women to care for themselves because they love and care about themselves. I believe that true beauty comes through profound self-acceptance and that a woman’s life experience has the power to enhance her beauty because she radiates from within.