“I started to visit Chérie about three years ago, during a very stressful time in my life.  Also it was a time, when I felt the full bloom of youth had fully faded. Over time, working with Chérie has become an integral part of my overall mind/body well being. While aging is difficult, caring for my skin on a regular basis has helped me to appreciate the aging process and myself. I can look at my skin, and appreciate the lines of a life well-lived, but with the smoothness and occasional glow of years past. I look forward to every visit—as a time to relax, respect myself and care for myself in a way that has beauty and mental benefits. My time with Chérie is as important as many of the other regular things that I do to stay healthy—like exercise, eating well, yoga, mindfulness—it makes me feel good about myself and the life around me.” Carol, age 57

“Belle Femme is the genius of Chérie Claire and it’s where cosmetology meets the cosmos. Truly, Chérie gets IT and brings IT into every treatment. Surrounded by the deep lull of bells, energetically enhanced stones, and the delicious scents of her organic products, you are in for a beauty experience that touches your skin and your soul. If you seek a meaningful experience while doing the sacred work of self-care, Chérie delivers in spades. If you live in Seattle or are passing through, definitely gift yourself the Belle Femme experience.” Dara, age 44

“When I met beauty powerhouse Chérie Claire almost 20 years ago, I knew I wanted to age gracefully and I knew cellular regeneration was possible, but I didn’t exactly know how. Over the years, she has taught me how to take wonderful care of my skin, and I’m often told I look much younger than my age. Chérie has also been an inspiration for embodying luxury in self-care, something close to my own heart. I consider her treatments and the products she carries to be beauty infusions, retuning me to the vibration of true beauty, which is essentially love.” Allison, age 40

“Seeing Chérie started as a special treat (and that is still part of the experience) but moreover now it is such a rejuvenation of my whole being that I make my visits a priority in my life instead of an “extra”. I look and feel great about myself and highly recommend the experience of “Chérie” at Belle Femme! You will look and feel younger from the inside out; energized and vibrant to your very soul.” Debbie, age 62

Belle Femme Seattle | Organic Skincare and Innovative Technology“I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Chérie for a few years now. She has taught me to love myself and it shows in my health and wellbeing. Chérie radiates love, joy and acceptance and directs my attention to the gifts that I possess. She has changed my attitude, my complexion and my perspective on true beauty.” Deb, age 64

“Seeing Chérie is an experience, a destination. Walking through her door you instantly know you are in a very special place which is exactly how you are made to feel, special. Elegance and beauty abound. Chérie brings to life beauty that rises from the inside out and shines in each individual. Where I had been feeling grey/beige and washed out in who I was, in my life I now feel radiant. I have been told many times that I glow.” Barbara, age 65

“Since starting a regular program of treatments with Chérie, I began to see that I could slow the aging process. This was a revelation, although I had the example of my mother having beautiful skin into her eighties. I was unsure how aging would work for me, especially since I believed I had coped with more stress in my career than she had in hers. When I saw positive results, I committed to Chérie’s treatments and products. One of the best decisions I’ve made.” Carolyn, age 76

“I have been working with Chérie for eight years, since I turned 60. My life, my soul, my body, my face are hers. I am relentlessly committed to living my life to it’s fullest and my week starts with my session with Chérie. We are on our own spiritual paths, both committed to truth, to love, to spirit and to beauty. This is the only place in my life where I get to experience all of those things. I am now 68. I look 48 and I feel 28. With love, gratitude and appreciation!” Susie, age 68

Belle Femme Seattle | Organic Skincare and Innovative Technology“As a very conscious and sensitive person, it means a lot to me to be able to entrust my skin to someone who is committed to finding the highest vibrational and quality products out there. Working with Chérie has shown me how to take care of my skin with the same integrity that I tend to rest of my health and well-being. Not only do I love her approach to skincare, but I also love going to her beautifully appointed space. The entire experience leaves me feeling pampered and radiant.” Sydney, age 40


“Through working with Chérie I learned to care about myself, which in turned allowed me to start taking care of my heart. I love looking at the difference after a treatment! It is such a lift for me emotionally as well as physically, seeing time reverse. Visits are so much more than a facial. When I see Chérie, the table is set for a REAL conversation and afterwards I always feel RESET.  I travel an hour and half one-way (and I have for years) just to get in her chair. I hope for years to come to be blessed with such a person in my life. She has made all the difference!” Dee, age 57

“Working with Chérie has gotten me more in touch with the “womanly” part of myself. I feel more feminine, and am more comfortable with my aging process, since I know that I am looking my very best. My face and neck have better color, a smoother appearance, and my skin looks healthy and glowing. People are always surprised when they hear how old I actually am!” Nancy, age 62

“The positive changes that I see in my complexion are derived from a combination of how relaxing it is to spend an hour with Chérie, her special technique and also the great products she uses. I would highly recommend her treatments for mature skin. I love working with her and feel so much better for it.” Sandra, age 66

BelleFemme-228_DebraC-2“I’m 55 and have been having regular facials since I turned 20. Facials used to be my way to relieve stress and repair damage caused by so much time in the sun. I have gone to so many people over the years, but I have never met anyone like Chérie. Her facials are a spiritual experience and they are like nothing else out there. They are truly profound. I leave feeling deeply centered and more connected to my core. Even though I see improvement in my skin, that’s not the real reason I return. It’s so much deeper than that for me. When I leave, I always feel amazing.” Deborah, age 55

“Working with Chérie is the most loving gift I can give to myself! The “beauty” comes when I look into the mirror–I see and experience a renewal of spirit; I feel energized, revitalized, with a renewed passion to live my life fully, 200%! AND, I look fantastic!!! All the compliments I get from the beautiful people in my life are an affirmation that transformation has truly taken place!” Megan, age 67

“For me, Belle Femme is a retreat for mind, body, and soul. A place where my senses are awakened, cells are nourished, and pure joy emerges from the deepest level of my being.” Julia, age 56

“Chérie is truly one of a kind. Her authenticity and sincerity come through in her work. She is masterful at understanding what a woman needs. Whether I need a boost in confidence, energy, or motivation, Chérie provides the right touch through her hands, her voice, and her energy. The experience is like none other and I always leave feeling renewed in body, spirit, and soul.” Ilene, age 45


“Treating myself to regular facials at Belle Femme has been a delight. Clearly the aging process has been much more kind to my face than otherwise would have been the case. After Chérie’s facial, I feel as relaxed and rejuvenated as I would with a full body massage. I’d give up a lot of other things before I’d give up my hour with Chérie.” Leah, age 69


“For someone who was resigned to her skin’s condition, I am now a changed woman.  Chérie has made (and makes) a huge difference for me — in my attitude, in my life, and in my happier skin tone. Chérie has brought me a long way…in opening me to a more spiritual view of self-caring, in how I think about caring for myself as I age, and in the products I use. Mostly, it is just being in her presence that sparks so much rejuvenation. Chérie’s energies and skills and words are beauty restoratives of themselves. She has shown me results. My skin is visibly and sensuously healthy.” Mari, age 64

“For over five years I have been working with Chérie on a weekly basis. During that time she has been a trusted advisor, therapist and a friend, helping me through a severe health crisis and developing with me a healthy approach to aging and daily living. My skin is youthful and I am more centered, supported and aware of my place in the universe. Working with Chérie has been a positive and uplifting journey.” Chris, age 63

“Chérie holds a beautiful space that magnifies inner beauty and self-love — and bridges inner and outer transformation.  Her treatments support my own inner knowing that I’m beautiful — the owning of my true beauty — which fills me up from the inside, and spills over to embody itself in my face and skin.”  Lauralyn, age 53

BelleFemme-234_Heidi-2“I’ve been seeing Chérie for nine years now and her treatments are such an incredible experience that I make sure I’m always on her schedule several months in advance. My skin and my life are better because of it!” Heidi, age 48