Wisdom Sessions 

Inner Wisdom comes from a deep connection to your Soul. This connection has been built over many lifetimes of learning through experience. Your Soul has so much insight, strength and courage, and it’s right there waiting for you. Tap into the power of your Soul through my Wisdom Sessions.  

$305  1 hr 30 min

Breakthrough Series 

The Breakthrough Series is designed to help you see yourself and your life in a completely new way. If you’re feeling stuck, or know you’re not truly living the life you want, consider a Breakthrough. This series will leave you inspired, empowered and free.  

$1250  4 Sessions  


Eduard Oganov is renowned for his unique and elaborate style of creating one of a kind jewelry pieces. Inspired by a passion for semi-precious stones, his work represents an ongoing collaboration between himself and his clairvoyant daughter, Eugenia. Their combined experience unites Eduard’s artistic style with Eugenia’s remarkable skill as an energy healer. Utilizing her extra sensory abilities, Eugenia is able to magnify the healing properties of each stone through a very special energy enhancement process. Each piece of jewelry that Eduard creates is designed to promote health, ease, and beauty for its wearer.

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 Ancient Egypt Wisdom Tour

The land of Egypt holds the story of life on earth as a species. The ancient Egyptians had the conscious ability to sense energy and talk to Spirits. They understood the mysteries of life in a very real way. Join me to experience deeper Spiritual meaning though the sacred geometry of the Temples, the powerful energy grids of the earth, and interplanetary vortexes. Experience a new level of self discovery through the ancient wisdom of Egypt. 

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