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Shattuckite, a psychic communication stone, connects you with your guides, energy teachers, and ancestors. It releases self-imposed limitations, assists in the development of your intuition and psychic abilities (channeling, inner knowing, visions), and opens previously closed “doors.” It resonates with the Divine Truth and enhances that resonance in the wearer. Shattuckite has the same structure as Malachite, but chemically with copper and silica. Humans are evolving  in this direction (silica-based vs carbon-based), as it is a less limited way to transfer information (in the form of emotions and thoughts) through space.

Stone Consciousness – Eugenia Oganova (used with permission)


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Photo credit: Lauralyn Andrews Photography
Photo credit: Lauralyn Andrews Photography

A “clarity stone,” Citrine removes things that block one’s personal progress. It supplies confidence in one’s resourcefulness, opens the door to inner hearing, clears chakras, and allows the conscious recognition of causes to inner and outer events. It is a stone of success, because it detangles and clarifies thoughts; increasing access to the Higher Mind and amplifying self-responsibility for thoughts and actions. Citrine emits optimistic mental energy, rejecting anything that is confusing or messy. It helps you to hold on to your money, preventing unhealthy spending habits. It is a great anti-nightmare stone for children.

Physically, Citrine increases the elasticity of skin cells, erasing wrinkles. It relaxes nerves and muscles, encourages a healthy appetite while discouraging an unhealthy one. It heals digestion problems and clears up skin.

Stone Consciousness – Eugenia Oganova (used with permission)

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Moldavite Pendant

Moldavite, one of the most rare and highly prized stones, was forged from the heat of a meteor impact with earth 14.8 million years ago. Since its discovery, mankind has valued it for its powerful connection to the cosmos. This magical translucent forest-green stone can only be found in one place in the world: the Czech Republic.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful stones for awakening. Through rebalancing, restructuring, and redistributing energy within your chakras, Moldavite helps bring you into a more balanced and empowered state. Energy-healer Eugenia Oganova beautifully describes Moldavite’s wondrous abilities:

“If worn continuously, your life begins to change: what is hindering your spiritual development begins to magically clear out of your life (possessions, relationships, jobs), while beneficial components begin to come together (fresh beliefs, new relationships, etc.).”

Moldavite calls to spiritual seekers and those longing to deepen their inner journey. If you are ready for your life to change, this stone is for you.

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