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Blue Agate and Chrysoprase Ring

Blue Agate promotes peace, tranquility, and happiness; clearing stress and fear of the unknown. It helps to reconcile logical with illogical, enhances spiritual Self-discovery, and supports communication with energy guides and angels. Blue agate opens the throat chakra for stronger self-expression, stronger voice, and clearer speaking. It balances and opens aspects of internal freedom and grace while creating more space for deeper feelings. Blue Agate helps with public speaking and singing.

Physically, it soothes the nervous system.


A kindness stone, Chrysoprase supports our ability for love and warmheartedness toward ourselves and others. It improves harmony between the physical and spiritual parts of us. It  disperses harsh judgement and hatred energies. Making harmful patterns known to our subconscious, Chrysoprase helps us deal with them properly. It has a tranquilizing effect on anxiety and our fears, calms irritability, nervousness, and mental problems. Chrysoprase also deflects the negative thoughts of others.

Physically, Chrysoprase makes healing possible. By taking the charge away from mutated cells, it aids in cellular regeneration (anti-aging). It also improves vision and heals eye conditions.

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