Carnelian and Obsidian Pendulum

Carnelian and Obsidian Pendulum

A “self-love” stone, Carnelian amplifies the love for one’s Self, while releasing self-judgement and self-punishment. It carries the consciousness of sensual loving, helping the wearer to awaken their sexuality, sensuality, and attractiveness. It cleanses physical cells, emotions and thoughts by absorbing energy “junk.” It amplifies sexual desire (and helps to achieve orgasms), while releasing jealousy and envy. Emphasizing a positive outlook on life, Carnelian aids in career achievements.

Physically, it enhances the immune system, make lungs stronger, clears toxins, helps heal open wounds/cuts/ulcers, as well as heals rheumatism and other inflammations. It also rejuvenates red blood cells.

Obsidian, a powerful centering and grounding stone, clears negative physical karma. It helps the wearer disconnect from harmful habits and increases productivity and creative manifestation. It helps one to find their true Self, and to differentiate oneself from the expectations and judgements of others. It heals grief, absorbs physical and emotional pain, and minimizes addictive behavior (especially sexual and food related). Obsidian opens your inner vision, helping you know what you need to do in order to heal.

Physically, Obsidian aids in the regeneration of tissues and nerves; and clears infections.

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