Rose Moonstone and Jade Pendulum

Know as the “dream stone,” Moonstone amplifies lucid dreaming, intuition, psychic perceptions, and harmonizes its wearer with the Universe. It is believed that at the full moon, the moonlight amplifies this stone in such a way that the stone’s wearer can perceive the future. Moonstone supports flexibility with life’s events and helps the wearer handle personal emotions better, thus preventing feelings of overwhelm and worry. It soothes anxiety, stress, and general fear.

In the physical body, Moonstone balances hormones, reduces swelling and water retention, heals the stomach and pancreas, and revitalizes the pituitary gland.

Rose connects us with the energy of Unconditional Love. When we experience this type of love we feel valuable and precious exactly as we are.

Jade symbolizes the five virtues of humanity: wisdom, compassion, justice, modesty, and courage. It aids in access to non-physical worlds, while blocking any negative interference during one’s explorations. Jade allows its wearer to see past their self imposed limitations, to claim one’s natural resourcefulness, and to proceed with confidence on one’s life path. It facilitates harmony between physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of one’s personality, opening access to the Soul’s wisdom and inner power. Jade promotes courage from the heart, compassion, understanding of higher truths, generosity, humility, wealth, and longevity. Green jade brings peace and calm, clears depression and promotes lucid dreams. It amplifies confidence, kindness, and internal balance. It helps to stabilize a personality that is plagued by fears, and clears away nightmares.

Physically, it balances the flow of energy through the meridians of the body, helps to clear physical fears, and aids kidneys in working better.

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