Sapphire Cat’s Eye Bracelet

Sapphire Cat’s Eye Bracelet

Cat’s eye is from the Chrysoberyl family of stones. It has a strong moon power, and the “nocturnal animal” vision of seeing what most people do not see. It holds strong determination powers. This stone is capable of relieving tension, particularly emotional tension and fear of impending hardships. Cat’s eye is highly recommended for those who are in business, as it protects against losses and supports financial stability. It acts not only as a guardian of its owner’s wealth, but helps lead to further financial accumulation.

A good luck stone, Cat’s eye brings good fortune, generosity, support, and comfort to its wearer. It does this by amplifying optimism and enhancing a positive ‘broadcast’ from one’s field, which attracts positive situations. It balances emotions and brings forgiveness and serenity. By amplifying one’s boundary, it deflects the negative energy of others.

Physically, Cat’s eye helps with allergies, skin disorders, and cancer. It also works to heal the lymph nodes, pancreas, and kidneys.

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