White Sand and Hematite Pendulum

White sand is a “manifestation stone.” It brings what you desire to you by amplifying the power of attraction. Whatever you want (money, relationships, clients, friends, specific events) magnetizes to you. But be careful, this stone finds what we desire by what is the strongest charge in us. If the strongest charge is fear, anger, or low self esteem, it will attract circumstances to clear these, which might not feel good. It does not make you positive. It will help you manifest from wherever you are, whether that place is positive or negative.

Hematite, a ‘stabilizer stone’ grounds and charges the lower levels of the energy field helping mental concentration and productivity. Hematite neutralizes negativity; helping to balance body, mind and spirit, by holding them in proper alignment through the vertical tube.

Physically, Hematite amplifies and revitalizes the immune system, clears viral infections, and supports healing of all blood-related health problems.

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