Here are a few basics that will ensure the freshness of your natural skincare products:

1) Avoid direct heat or sunlight.  It’s best to keep product in a cool, dark place rather than a place where the temperature fluctuates or where the product is exposed to light.

2) Avoid getting water in the jar.  Since water activates natural ingredients, you’ll notice the product spoiling right away.  This is especially important for organic masques.  Note if your product changes color, texture, or smell.

3) Wash your hands before dipping into the jar.  It is best to make a habit of using a spatula instead of your fingers because product will stay fresher.

4) Opt for an airless pump whenever possible for serums.  Ingredients retain their potency and integrity best when not exposed to air.

5) Check the expiration date on your sunscreen.  You’ll be able to tell when your product is no longer effective and needs replacing.

And what about “using up” everything you have?  Well, if you love it and it is working for you, then yes, use every last drop!  But if you don’t particularly like the product and just don’t want to waste it, then I suggest using it on your decollate or your body.  Using products on your face that you absolutely love will do so much more for you then just using up what you have.  Arms and legs can be happy recipients of a good product that you’re not absolutely in love with.