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Creating a Daily Practice of Self-care

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I’ve heard from countless women that after a long day or week, they find themselves exhausted and they can’t find a way to regain their lost energy. Today, I’d like to share with you how I use my Self-care routine as a way to recharge.

A Self-care routine is all about YOU — it must replenish and re-center you. It’s crucial that you choose only things that you find personally uplifting. This is not a to-do list. Think of it like recharging your energy battery, so consider what would help you the most.

These are my 3 favorites:

  1. Walk every morning (no matter what!)
  2. Bathe every night (this is my way to unwind from the day — it’s a form of meditation)
  3. Get regular body work and/or energy work (I like to do this every week)

The benefits of walking:

My favorite centering practice is to walk first thing in the morning. I never miss my walk — unless I am extremely ill. Truly. I walk no matter what! It is a discipline. Sometimes I argue with myself all the way out the door, but I still go!

The majesty of Nature reminds me that I am a part of life. I pay attention to the birds and the trees and the sunrise. I use this time as my meditation. I think of all the things I am grateful for — especially when I am unhappy or stressed. I start with gratitude and then transition into my ‘energy prayer.’ I CHOOSE what I want for my life. I repeat it in my mind and ask for support from the Universe. This helps me enter a positive state of mind and sets the tone for my day.

The benefits of bathing:

Every night I take a bath. It’s a ritual that helps me wind down and de-stress from the day. I light candles and use bath salts to create an environment that is as calm and serene as possible. The water element is soothing and balancing while salt clears away stagnant energy. This offers support in letting go of old patterns and negativity that I do not want to take to bed with me!

The benefits of regular body work/energy work:

These help me maintain a higher state of being, both physically and spiritually. Energy work expands my awareness to see how my belief systems and my energy field are impacting my life. When I take ownership for everything that I am experiencing, it changes my perspective and empowers me to make necessary changes. Body work is an essential part of maintaining physical health and well-being. I only see people who are spiritually aware for my bodywork.

And lastly, I always take at least one piece of energy jewelry to bed with me. I put it under my pillow and tune into its healing energy as I fall asleep.

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Five Product Care Basics


Here are a few basics that will ensure the freshness of your natural skincare products:

1) Avoid direct heat or sunlight.  It’s best to keep product in a cool, dark place rather than a place where the temperature fluctuates or where the product is exposed to light.

2) Avoid getting water in the jar.  Since water activates natural ingredients, you’ll notice the product spoiling right away.  This is especially important for organic masques.  Note if your product changes color, texture, or smell.

3) Wash your hands before dipping into the jar.  It is best to make a habit of using a spatula instead of your fingers because product will stay fresher.

4) Opt for an airless pump whenever possible for serums.  Ingredients retain their potency and integrity best when not exposed to air.

5) Check the expiration date on your sunscreen.  You’ll be able to tell when your product is no longer effective and needs replacing.

And what about “using up” everything you have?  Well, if you love it and it is working for you, then yes, use every last drop!  But if you don’t particularly like the product and just don’t want to waste it, then I suggest using it on your decollate or your body.  Using products on your face that you absolutely love will do so much more for you then just using up what you have.  Arms and legs can be happy recipients of a good product that you’re not absolutely in love with.

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Beauty Secrets: Mindfulness


Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson on Flickr

Your beauty regimen has the power to do more than just improve your skin. It can also replenish your spirit.

Being fully present while washing your face can bring a whole new level of power and renewal to your beauty ritual. Practice keeping your mind free of any thoughts except the pleasure of the product you are working with. Notice the fragrance of the cleanser. Close your eyes and feel the texture of the product against your skin. Imagine your cells being bathed in light. Feel all of your anxiety and stress disappear as you gently and consciously wash your face.

Next, apply a facial masque. Notice how beautiful the color is as it goes onto your skin. Imagine your cells repairing themselves and gaining strength. Feel your energy increase as you work with this product. Add water, and as the water activates the life force in the product, feel your own life force growing stronger. You are renewing yourself.

Being fully present with yourself while holding an attitude of love for your body is a powerful way to reverse the aging process. Love can truly help your body grow younger and your spirit grow stronger.

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